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Flooding in Siem Reap – Students are safe!

September 29, 2011

In the last week, heavy rainfall in Siem Reap caused widespread flooding throughout the city. This flooding is blamed for the deaths of over 100 Cambodians, with nearly half of the deaths being children.  The rainfall has also destroyed farm land for thousands of families in an already impoverished area.

As you may know, many of CCEdFund’s scholarship recipients live in Siem Reap.  CCEdFund has been in contact with the schools, partner organizations and students.  CCEdFund is relieved to learn that everyone is safe and sound.  We will continue to post news as we hear it.

Somalin’s father writes: “We are safe but it was still flooding in Siem Reap. Somalin is staying at home. Pearen and my sister take care of Somalin and Somalen because the children were playing in the water when it began flooding. Some child died in Siem Reap  River.”

Some news from the Phnom Penh Post:



CNN on Education in Cambodia

September 28, 2011

CNN did an interesting piece on the importance of education in Cambodia and on the rise of new affordable private schools there.  CCEdFund partners with a few of these affordable private schools.  Similar to the students in the video on scholarships, CCEdFund students are learning critical skills with these scholarships that will enable them to become leaders for a new Cambodia.

What do you think?:

Welcome Pon – A New Scholarship Recipient

September 28, 2011

CCEdFund recently approved a scholarship for a new recipient in Phnom Penh: Pon!  She is a hard-working student who lives at A New Day Cambodia (ANDC) with five other CCEdFund scholarship recipients.  Pon came to ANDC in March 2008.  All of her siblings live at ANDC because her parents are in terrible health.  They live in a distant province (Prey Veng) and so Pon only sees them for the big holidays (Khmer New Year and Pchum Ben).  Since they don’t own any land, they work the fields of other farmers.

Pon has great dreams for the future, and even though she is sixteen and in the seventh grade, she knows that she will continue to skip grades.  In fact, Pon was nominated for a scholarship after she skipped a grade in one year during the last academic year.  CCEdFund is providing a scholarship for Pon to attend seventh grade at the Beltei school this year and we are eager to see how she excels.  Pon is also an incredibly kind student who is always chosen first as a best friend among the other children at ANDC.

Check back in as the year progresses to see how Pon is doing this year!

Hello world!

September 19, 2011

Welcome to the official Cambodia’s Children Education Fund Blog!
We will post all sorts of updates here including:

1) Information about our students’ progress;

2) Potential scholarship recipients;

3) Fundraising efforts and events;

4) Relevant news about Cambodia and access to education; and

5) Anything we forgot to list above about acting as global citizens to help make the world better for everyone.

To learn more about CCEdFund, please visit us at  We currently provide scholarships for twenty-six amazing but impoverished and orphaned Cambodian students to attend exceptional schools in Cambodia.  We believe that their continued academic success will allow them to become leaders in Cambodia who will promote peaceful social and economic development.

Will you please act as a global citizen today and help send a student to school?