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Marine Corps Marathon

Welcome to the 2013 CCEdFund Marine Corps Marathon Team!
Run to send a child to school.

CCEdFund is a 2013 Charity Partner with the Marine Corps Marathon. Do you want to run the most popular marathon in the United States for an amazing cause!? Run with CCEdFund and raise money to send an amazing but impoverished child to school in Cambodia. Learn more and register below.

2012 Marine Corps Marathon
No federal or Marine Corps endorsement is implied.


1) To run with our team, you must raise $650 by August 5th;

2) You must register to run with us;

3) You get: Race-day shirt, finisher’s medal, a spot to run the most popular marathon in the U.S., & pre-race dinner; and

4) Set up a personalized fundraising page here


CCEdFund has 25 guaranteed entries into the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon on October 27, 2013.
Registration for the CCEdFund Team opens on Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 10:30 AM ET.
Secure your spot TODAY! Registration doesn’t open on the MCM site until March 27th.
Have you previously run the MCM with CCEdFund?
Registration on or before May 1, 2013: $35.
Registration after May 1, 2013: $50.
Are you a new CCEdFund team member?
Registration on or before May 1, 2013: $65.
Registration after May 1, 2013: $85.
Why must I pay to register when I will fundraise?
CCEdFund requires a donation from you as a sign of your commitment to the team (paid when you register; does not count towards your $650 fundraising requirement).  We ask for this contribution now instead of ever asking you to pay the balance between what you raised and the $650 fundraising minimum. Also, your donation helps us cover the cost of registering you to run ($99.00) so that more of the money you raise goes directly to our students.
To register:
Waivers and Agreements 2013 CCEdFund Marine Corps Marathon Waivers.


Your Pledge: Raise $650 & Run the Marathon.

After you register, it is time to start training and fundraising!  Set up your personal fundraising page:
Visit and click “Become a Fundraiser” to set up your personalized fundraising page:
We encourage you to include a story about why you are running to help send impoverished students to school in Cambodia.  We are happy to provide some information about CCEdFund as you fundraise or visit to meet our students.
CCEdFund requires each team member to raise a minimum of $650 by midnight Eastern time August 5th in order to run with our team. Simply, if you do not meet your fundraising goal, you will lose your spot to run the Marathon.  
But, we are here to help you fundraise so we will help you reach your goal!



CCEdFund’s platform for registration and fundraising,, provides some training and fundraising guides – please use them!  Train safely and effectively – we want our entire team to complete the race!
CCEdFund will host a pre-race pasta gathering location and time TBD.
As you train, we would love to hear from you!  We hope that you’ll keep us updated and write a post for our blog to share your successes and challenges as you train and fundraise.
Get inspired: see videos of finishers from the 2012 race.


Race Day

The race begins at 7:55 am on Sunday, October 27, 2013 at the Route 110 Start Line in Arlington, Virginia. 
Our volunteers will be at various points along the course to cheer you on your way. 
CCEdFund Team members will receive a technical running shirt for race day.
After the race, you will receive a CCEdFund Finisher’s Medal and will celebrate with the team!   There is a Marathon Finish Festival in Rosslyn, Virginia that lasts until 4pm that day.
For additional information about race day logistics, please visit:
Race course map: MCM_Course[1]



CCEdFund encourages you to book your accommodations early so that you have every chance to succeed during the race.  Below is the list of hotels that the Marathon provides:

  • To be updated when available. 

Stay in Touch!

Please keep us updated about your progress!  We are here to support you as you train and fundraise.  Never hesitate to contact us at with any questions or concerns.
Cambodia’s Children Education Fund (CCEdFund) provides scholarships for orphaned or impoverished Cambodian students to attend exceptional schools.  CCEdFund seeks to rebuild a professional class of leaders in Cambodia by providing access to education for Cambodian students.

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