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About CCEdFund

Cambodia’s Children Education Fund, Inc. (CCEdFund) is a non-profit corporation that provides educational opportunities for Cambodia’s orphaned and high-need children by granting scholarships to exceptional private schools for all levels of education.  CCEdFund aims to promote peaceful social, political, and economic development in Cambodia by developing a professional class of leaders.  Cambodia is at a unique crossroads in it history, where it is recovering from a prolonged civil war instigated by a genocidal regime and re-developing infrastructure.

In July 2006, Jennifer and Carrie, CCEdFund’s founders, first visited Cambodia to conduct professional development workshops with Cambodian teachers.  During their visit, they were struck by the juxtaposition of the countless children who had no access to education and the number of exceptional private schools in Cambodia.  In the 1970s, the Khmer Rouge slaughtered an estimated two million people through massacres in the killing fields, starvation, and forced labor.

Today, after the subsequent prolonged civil war that ended in 1993, many Cambodians live in extreme poverty with little opportunity to improve their living conditions.  Children born into this extreme poverty have no access to schools and instead work to support themselves.  To connect these Cambodian students who have no access to education with exceptional educational opportunities, Jennifer and Carrie founded Cambodia’s Children Education Fund, Inc. (CCEdFund).  With the generous support of donors, CCEdFund provides scholarships for students by directly paying tuition to exceptional schools.  Our students are nominated for scholarships through partner NGO organizations which house the children.  In short, CCEdFund provides impoverished Cambodian children with the opportunity to dramatically alter their lives by studying at the most exceptional schools in their country.  Please explore our site to learn more about how we are helping.  We hope you will decide to join us in our goal to provide educational opportunities and promote peaceful development in Cambodia!

Interested in making a donation?  Please visit our secure donations page!

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