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Flooding in Siem Reap – Students are safe!

September 29, 2011

In the last week, heavy rainfall in Siem Reap caused widespread flooding throughout the city. This flooding is blamed for the deaths of over 100 Cambodians, with nearly half of the deaths being children.  The rainfall has also destroyed farm land for thousands of families in an already impoverished area.

As you may know, many of CCEdFund’s scholarship recipients live in Siem Reap.  CCEdFund has been in contact with the schools, partner organizations and students.  CCEdFund is relieved to learn that everyone is safe and sound.  We will continue to post news as we hear it.

Somalin’s father writes: “We are safe but it was still flooding in Siem Reap. Somalin is staying at home. Pearen and my sister take care of Somalin and Somalen because the children were playing in the water when it began flooding. Some child died in Siem Reap  River.”

Some news from the Phnom Penh Post:


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